Subaru outback pulley repair

Well my Subaru spit out an idler pulley the other day. Its a 2001 H6 model and had been making a sound that I knew meant a bearing was going out in the belt system. Luckily it was just the idler and not an alternator bearing. I picked up a new bearing for about 50$ at the local dealership and also a 2nd one for the tensioner since I was in there. Simple matter to change em

Loosen tensioner

Remove cover 4x 10mm

remove pulleys 2x 14mm

Put on new belt following path of old belt

Loosens tensioner and slip belt over tensioner and your done.

Mine actually destroyed the belt before I got around to it so I also had 36$ for a belt from NAPA.

And that’s it.

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Short Bio. I have worked in the marine industry since I was 15 with the exception of a brief stint working on cars and RV's.
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