New boat for the fleet KINGFISHER III


Another boat for the family fleet. My father picked up a 1960’s KingFisher  III sailboat off craigslist a month ago. Interestingly this is a Rhodes design  like my Mariner. We haven’t had a chance to get it out in the water yet but hopefully will get a little sailing time on the local lakes before winter sets in.

The Kingsfisher is a 12′ sloop, fiberglass with a molded deck and interior seating. The boat is in pretty good shape for the age and came with a trailer. The center board pendant needs replacing and the jib is missing but everything else seems to be in usable shape. The previous owner sailed it on a local lake for quite a while. Next year or over the winter we will look at having a jib made. I will provide some updates when we get it out sailing.

Here are a few links about Kingfishers.

Sailboat Data 

Restoration of a Kingfisher

Another owners site


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