Lithium Batteries

There is a lot of talk about lithium batteries for cruising boats these days. My guess is it will take another few years to shake out but eventually they will be common place.

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Anyways in the cruisers forum post above Link here you can see something interesting that I’ve been wondering about for a while.  Most people in the DIY world of boats seem to feel a lower charge voltage is better for LiPO4 batteries. The basic argument is that by avoiding the upper knee (say the last 5% of capacity or so) you will see less voltage drift between cells and less possibility of problems with your bank. This goes counter to a lot of the battery makers that seem to push for higher voltages. It also seems these higher voltages are based on controlled lab testing and theory rather than real world conditions. That’s not to say that higher voltages are bad in every case but it seems for simplicty and safety sake in a non engineered system (multiple charge sources and discharge sources that are constantly changing and evolving) it may be better stay on the low side. Of course time will tell, but at least there are signs that the real world crowd may have been at least a little right. As noted by T1 Terry Power stream technology seems to be indicated it is unnecessary for the most part to enter the upper charging knee with large format lifepo4 cells. Which would follow alot of the DIY logic out there. Interesting stuff.


Here is the link to the article on powerstreams site  

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