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Recently I finished redoing a bathroom in my house. We purchased a value priced faucet for the bathroom from Home dept. The faucet was made by American standard. About a month after installation I noticed a leak under the sink. After investigating I found that the water was coming from the mounting holes drilled in the sink meaning the faucet was leaking internally. I removed the faucet and tried it several times using extended hoses to the sink valves and found that the pipe leading to the aerator had a small leak. I called the customer service line at American standard and quickly spoke with a knowledgeable customer service rep. I discussed the problem and she advised to check the aerator I did and found it to be clogged. I then tried it with aerator removed and found the leak was better but still dripped from what appeared to be a small split in the pipe leading up to the aerator. After discussing with the rep more she advised they would send a new one out. The new one arrived yesterday and I’m looking forward to installing the faucet this weekend feeling very comfortable that my purchase was backed up by knowledgeable and helpful customer service staff.

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Short Bio. I have worked in the marine industry since I was 15 with the exception of a brief stint working on cars and RV's.
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