Book review: Nature of Boats

Lets try a new feature for today. Book review of Dave Gerr’s book, Nature of Boats.

Well just to be clear before we get into it I love this book, I can grab it flip thru it and always find something worth re-reading. The book is really more a collection of past articles that N.A. Dave Gerr has written over the years for various publications (many seem to be from his excellent column from Offshore Magazine. )

The book covers topics such as boat construction, design , stability and performance. It also features a number of drawings from Gerr’s own designs.  The book’s short articles allow for easy reading while providing a wealth of information, This helps avoid the book feeling over technical (boring) that some of the other books touching on basics of boat design can be.

I personally love to read Gerr’s view of performance power and sail craft as well as his well though out alternatives, Like Needle a lovely high speed power boat that relies on hull shape and waterline length to achieve economical high speeds. There is also parts that come off as more off a how – to book, such as the chapters on Nestor the nesting dinghy.

Overall if you have a deep seeded interest in boats I recommend you pick up a copy and take a look.

Book Review: Nature of Boats

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