Bass Panel install


Bass Panel Boat electrical panel

Bass Panel Boat electrical panel

Well Not my installation. Brian over at has a post on installing a new Bass Electrical panel (I happen to work for Bass so this is also a shameless plug) He did a very nice job with the install and I thought it would be nice to share the link.


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  1. Colin, Imagine my surprise doing a Google image search while having a conversation with someone about the Bass panels this weekend, a picture of my installation shows up on someone else’s site. Thanks for the complement on the installation! The panel is a little more full now than it was in that picture as I’ve added a couple more circuits to the panel since installation, and it’s basically maxed out now following the autopilot last summer (there is no power bus ran to that last empty slot). Luckily for me that was the last thing I intend on installing that would need a breaker…

    Thanks for the quality product!

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