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I was at the marine consignment shop last year in Wickford RI (I would post a link but their site is down). It’s funny that marine consignment shops and clothing consignment seem to be the only two used stores that seem to have a consistent sales business. The trouble with these places is the amount of time it takes to go thru everything they have. But if you do you find amazing things. My favorite find was two Vire 7 gas engines (two really). You can see more about the Vire 7 here¬† . I have a small obsession with this engine as I remember fondly walking by one at a boat show as a kid and being obsessed with it’s all in one design and compact size. I still have a brochure around some where. Any ways here are some more pics of the consignment wares. A great way to spend the afternoon.

For a list of consignment shops near you click here.

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Short Bio. I have worked in the marine industry since I was 15 with the exception of a brief stint working on cars and RV's.
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